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After recent high numbers and amounts of chargeback's we felt a  need to address this issue:

Chargeback's severely hurt small businesses like ours. Most people do not realize that if you initiate a chargeback that that institution CHARGES us to give you your money back even if you have received the product. Fees are typically $15.00 but can be more. So if someone's order was for $50, we'd lose $50 in items shipped+ shipping and in addiction give a refund of $50 + and a fee of $15, so the total we'd be out is $115 for a $50 order.  Small businesses cannot afford illegal and fraudulent chargeback's. If you are unsatisfied with your order please contact the company FIRST. If you claim a fraudulent charge back that isn't actually fraudulent, meaning no one used your card illegally you are in fact committing fraud AND theft if you keep the product and can be prosecuted for these crimes. You can also be required to reimburse the company for their costs incurred.

We do pursue criminal charges to the fullest extent of the law and we also go after the customer for all costs if they chose to keep the products ordered.

Also please keep in mind with rising chargeback's and costs ALL companies pass along ALL those extra costs to ALL future customers, they are in a business of making money so they will continue to do so even if it costs everyone more in the future.

Please remember chargeback's are a form of fraud and theft against small businesses and we all pay the price in higher costs of products when this happens.

Please don't be one of these people, do the right and legal thing and work it out with that company first.

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