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NASCAR Heat 2002 (Xbox, 2001) Video Game UPC: 742725230279

NASCAR Heat 2002 (Xbox, 2001) Video Game UPC: 742725230279

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NASCAR Heat 2002 (Xbox, 2001) Video Game UPC: 742725230279

Includes: Disc, Case, artwork and instruction manual.
Used in great condition, disc has a few scratches.
Item specifics
Platform: Microsoft Xbox
Rating: E - Everyone Release Year: 2001
Genre: Racing
MPN: 742725230279
Game Name: NASCAR Heat 2002 \
UPC: 742725230279
Detailed item info
Product Information
NASCAR Heat 2002 provides a simulation-oriented, technically accurate take on the sport. The Championship mode guides players through a full season, which, thanks to the acquisition of the official NASCAR license includes 19 real Winston Cup tracks and 28 professional drivers, including such legends as Dale Earnhart Jr. and Jeff Gordon. Races consist of a full 43-car field. The famed Beat the Heat mode returns in this incarnation and features 36 driving challenges spread across six different categories, many of which are introduced by the drivers themselves. Using slipstreams to pass other racers, avoiding wrecked cars, or picking and then utilizing the optimal racing line are just some of the tasks players will have to complete. Bronze, silver, and gold medals will be awarded depending on players' performance.

The Race the Pro mode sees you competing against six different pros, one at a time, as you attempt to beat their best lap times over the course of a few races, consisting of three laps apiece. During a regular season race cars will take visible damage, and can even be forced out of the race depending on its severity. Pit stops are interactive affairs allowing the player to control specifics such as fuel intake, tire pressure and other such repairs. Racers can make use of advanced racing techniques, such as drafting, blocking, and high-low passes in order to move through the pack, and an aggressive computer AI keeps the game competitive. The game supports up to four players via a split-screen mode, and as many as eight by linking two Xbox systems together.

Product Identifiers
Publisher Infogrames Interactive, Inc.
Game NASCAR Heat 2002
MPN 742725230279
UPC 742725230279

Key Features
Platform Microsoft Xbox
ESRB Rating E - Everyone
Genre Racing
Location USA

Tech Details
Control Elements Gamepad/Joystick
Number of Players 1-4
Release Year 2001
Game Special Features
Up to four players may compete in split-screen multiplayer action through a variety of races

Go head-to-head with such drivers as Dale Earnardt Jr. and Kevin Harvick in "Race the Pro" mode

Dodge and weave your way through 43 cars to roll through the finish line in first place

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