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Mystery Auction/Let's Make A Deal Game

  • $ 10.00

Mystery Auction/Let's Make A Deal Game

Like the title implies you are buying a mystery box as part of a for fun game.

So technically you are only guaranteed just the box and anything in it is a gift from me to you.

Also as the title implies you may get "zonked" like in the Let's Make A Deal TV Show so you may not get anything you consider of value.

This is a for fun game so please no matter what you get please don't complain as it is just for fun and not meant to be anything more than a fun game.

Our gift to you: We will include 1-10+ gifts estimated value of $1-$2 each or more.

This item is being sold at $10.  Shipping not included.

On at least 10% of these purchased we will put a surprise gift valued at $1-$500 this gift may be:


Gift Card or Cards

Xbox or Playstation

Video Games

Anything of value usually something new and unused.

Other Items you may get in your mystery box:

Items already listed on our page

Garage sale items

Video games


Hot Wheels


Books Magazines

Handheld electronic games

Computer components





Anything and everything