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Hellraiser: Inferno Movie Poster 27x40 Used

Hellraiser: Inferno Movie Poster 27x40 Used

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Hellraiser: Inferno Movie Poster 27x40 Used

A shady police detective becomes embroiled in a strange world of murder, sadism and madness after being assigned a murder investigation against a madman known only as "The Engineer".
Genres Drama, Horror, Crime, Mystery
Released Sep 09 2000
Duration 99 minutes
Produced In USA
Directed By Scott Derrickson
Starring Winifred Freedman, Michael Shamus Wiles, Sasha Barrese, JB Gaynor, Rachel Currence, Christopher Kriesa, Timothy 'TJ' James Driscoll, Timothy Oman, Noelle Evans, Paul Hayes, Nicholas Turturro, Lindsay Taylor, Nicholas Sadler, Craig Sheffer, Brad Parker, Kathryn Joosten, Christopher Neiman, Michael Denney, Carmen Argenziano, Doug Bradley, James Remar, Mike J Regan

Used: Studio or manufacturer original not a reprint. Used in great condition, as with any used poster they were displayed previously in a movie theater, video store or in a private collection so they may have minor imperfections or minor rips. All our posters are stored rolled and never creased and are shipped in plain white or brown poster mailers. Frame is not included.


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