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Air Bud World Pup 2001 Movie Poster 27x40 Disney Used

Air Bud World Pup 2001 Movie Poster 27x40 Disney Used

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Air Bud World Pup 2001 Movie Poster 27x40 Disney Used

Three is a charm for the Air Bud franchise, which returns to the screen to showcase the athletic talents of Buddy, the golden retriever who made his film debut as a basketball star in the original Air Bud (1997). If the second movie, Air Bud: Golden Receiver (1998) wore out its welcome (with Buddy as a football dynamo), Disney's third installment seems to have rekindled its initial freshness. Buddy takes to the soccer field this time, and he has the immense good fortune of being joined by real-life U.S. Women's Soccer Team champions Brandi Chastain, Brianna Scurry, and Tisha Venturini, among others. Kevin Zegers returns to the story as Buddy's owner, who falls in love with the only girl on his own soccer team. While sparks fly on and off the field in that romance, Buddy has a love interest of his own and soon becomes a father to six puppies.
Genres Comedy, Drama, Family, Sport
Released Jun 29 2001
Duration 83 minutes
Produced In USA Canada
Starring Don McMillan, Tom Shorthouse, Dakota, Miguel Sandoval, Patricia Idlette, Kevin Zegers, Jeremy Guilbaut, Martin Ferrero, Chilton Crane, Shayn Solberg, Nick Misura, Duncan Regehr, Peter Madsen, Mark Pawson, Scott Watson, Caitlin Wachs, Sarah Deakins, Brittany Paige Bouck, Jay Brazeau, Levi James, Kelly Herron, Dave Cameron, Frank C Turner, David Glyn-Jones, Julie Patzwald, Chris Wilding, Chantal Strand, Dale Midkiff, Paul Carson, Fred Keating

Used: Studio or manufacturer original not a reprint. Used in great condition, as with any used poster they were displayed previously in a movie theater, video store or in a private collection so they may have minor imperfections or minor rips. All our posters are stored rolled and never creased and are shipped in plain white or brown poster mailers. Frame is not included.

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